Surrey's Finest Pop Rock Band

Blind Panic are a great rocking band based in Surrey, and are available for pubs, parties or any event where you want good bopping and plenty of fun.


...but cool

Chilled Woody's, New Malden


...a Cancer fundraiser

Blind Panic are a rocking pop/rock covers band based in Surrey/Hampshire, and are guaranteed to liven up any pub, party, wedding or any other type of function. They have a very wide repertoire from the 50s to the 00s, and play anywhere, any time, any place. See the gigs page for details of past performances.

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The 60s Express

A Midsummer Night’s Steam

Playing on a steam train – how cool is that? Swanage Railway invited us to play for their sell out 60’s Express on 20 June 2015, with fancy dress competition thrown in for good measure. We set up drums, PA and amps in a goods van and played half in and half out on the platforms at Swanage, Harmans Cross, Corfe Castle and again at Swanage when the 200+ passengers departed.

Passengers? Nonsense! These were rockers to the core and most of them took the 60’s fancy dress theme very seriously! From the first set at Swanage they really went for it, dancing and singing their psychedelic hearts out! During the main sets at Corfe Castle they were even dancing during a spot of rain. A moonlit night at Swanage saw us trying to serenade them home but they were having none of it. We were actually “booed” for trying to close the show and what was supposed to be our final 10 minute set turned into 40. Swanage Railway say this was a great success for them and have booked us to come back in 2016 for a 70’s/ABBA night. Win!